Kymco – One of the top scooter brands in the world       

Kymcos are made in Taiwan.  The company was originally established by Honda to make parts for Honda motorcycles.  In fact all the Honda Elite scooters were made by Kymco up until the middle 1990’s. To this day, Honda uses Kymco engines in some of their ATVs.  AND BMW uses a Kymco engine in its new G 450 X enduro motorcycle AND Husqvarna uses a Kymco engine in its new TC 450 enduro motorcycle.  Sweet! and high quality.

Kymco provides a whole line of fully automatic motorscooters. They all have a 2 year warranty and are reliable (as well as being fun and economical). How can something that’s this much fun be so sensible? You can see and test ride them at Centaur Cycles & Scooters in Santa Fe, NM.

A friend of ours returned from Italy and told us that there are swarms of Kymco scooters in Italy.  Those people know scooters and they have chosen the Kymco over any of the Italian brands!

Kymco’s Agility 50



Kymco’s Agility 125 is a very nice 50 mph scooter. And a sensational deal since, while it’s manufactured in Taiwan, it’s assembled in Kymco’s mainland China factory. 125cc performance, Kymco quality at 50cc price!


Kymco’s Compagno 110



Kymco’s Downtown 300 is here!! This machine is getting rave reviews and is gorgeous to boot! Strong, capable, fuel injected. Take it around town or across the country. It can do it all.

Kymco’s K-Pipe 125



Kymco’s Like 200 is also in Santa Fe!! This is a really excellent new scooter, quick with really good suspension. And terrific brakes. Fun is included at no additional charge!



Kymco’s People GT 300



Kymco’s Super8 50R



Kymco’s Super8 50X



Kymco’s Super8 150R



Kymco’s Super8 150X



Kymco’s Xciting 500Ri ABS



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