Centaur Cycles & Scooters

Monday-Friday: Hours varies depending on the season.
Please call for hours. If we are not here we are test driving, picking up or 
dropping off a bike and should not be long!
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Closed Sunday 
Phone: (505) 471-5481



We offer a variety of innovative, affordable products for your scooter or motorcycle.
We have always tried hard to find accessories and gear that really work, that we're happy to use ourselves and that are good in value.
Here are some that we currently stock. We'll gladly special order any gear or accessories for you. Just feel free to ask us.

We're big believers in helmets here at Centaur Cycles & Scooters. We've got the best selection in town. Come on it and let us help you find the right helmet for you!


We carry Fulmer's full-face, 3/4 and half helmets. Fulmer had a nice collection of kid's helmets. We also carry HJC Helmets, especially the CL-Maxx flip- up helmet


Of course you need a jacket to keep you comfy and safe on your bike.
 We stock a number of jackets
for men and women with armor in the shoulders, elbows and back.
We are happy to order many other jackets as well.


You've just got to have gloves. Real warm ones to keep your fingers toasty in the winter. And light weight ones to protect your hands from sun burn and little rocks that flung through the air while you ride. We always provide a good selection of gloves.

Airhawk seat cushions

Ever suffer from sore-butt syndrome after a long ride? This is the magic cure.

Does your scooter have ugly scratches? From small stones thrown up by the vehicle in from of you, to minor parking misjudgments, you can end up with a lot of unsightly blemishes on your beautiful scooter. We now can get Touch Up Paint. We have found a source for Vespa, Piaggio, Stella and SYM paint in either aerosol cans or Paint Pens.  


We stock Bridgestone, Avon, Dunlop, Kenda, Michelin and Pirelli tires
and are happy to order most other brands for your bike. We also install tires as well.


Of course we stock batteries for all the bikes we sell. And commonly used batteries for other bikes. We can order practically any battery if you need a different one.

And you need a Battery Tender. This little puppy will keep your battery charged (but not over charged) during the moments when you're not riding your bike much. Being totally discharged is bad for a battery and will kill it over time. Also if you keep your battery on a Battery Tender, on a sunny winder day your bike will spring to life since its battery will remain fully charged.


We have covers for your scooter or motorcycle.

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